About Me

I am a Distinguished Innovator and Industrial Design Architect with an extensive background in creating and producing electronics hardware designs for mission-critical, commercial, medical, and consumer markets. My work mainly focuses on tackling meaningful problems by designing products and user experiences with creating business opportunities that connect brands to the physical world. My skills include industrial design, design architecture, user experience, and business strategy.


College for Creative Studies, Detroit Michigan
MFA Interdisciplinary Design 2014
Orta Dogu Technical University, Ankara Turkey
BS Bachelor- Industrial Design 2012
Politecnico di Torino Disegno Industriale, Torino Italy
Erasmus-European International Exchange 2011


Motorola Solutions, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Distinguished Innovator & Senior Industrial Designer 2014- Current

Public Safety Broadband (PSBB) device business Designing groundbreaking hardware and user experiences for mission-critical, commercial and consumer markets including police and first responders

•Design complex rugged handheld and wearable devices and accessory ecosystems. •Architect electronic device packages based on ID requirements including electronic and plastic component layout, battery design, assembly techniques, etc…
• Responsible for MSI design strategy and deep design process: primary and secondary research, ride-a-longs, concept development, storytelling, prototyping, sensitive customer relationships (Police/Firefighters/SecretServices/EMS), and production execution.
• Collaboration with global internal and external engineering and business teams in the execution of complex international design projects
• Driving user-centered combined hardware/software experiences by collaborating with ID/UI/HF teams to build next-generation user experiences for public safety
• Envisioning and developing advanced mission-critical user experiences by using augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies
• Issued 8 UTILITY 4 DESIGN PATENTS – More in the pipeline

General Motors, Warren Technical Center, Michigan, USA Creative Designer Intern, Advanced Design Studio Summer 2013

• Create new business opportunities for urban mobility working with GM design and business planning departments proposed to executive directors and vice presidents.
• Participate in GM brand and design strategy projects based on persona development and consumer research.
• Develop Buick transportation design concepts for the Chinese market based on global and regional trends and end-user insights.

Basarsoft, Ankara Turkey Freelance Industrial Designer/ Design Engineer 2012-2014

Basarsoft is an electronic products and software company specialized in navigation systems. Personal project funder (patented project)
• Concept development, prototyping and manufacturing support.
• Formulate innovative design solutions for diverse production projects by collaboration with R&D department.

Designnobis, Ankara Turkey METU Technocity Junior Industrial Designer, 2011-2012

Designnobis is an award-winning design consultancy.
• Involved in a variety of both long-term and fast-paced production client projects ranges from kitchen appliances to medical products from concept to finalized product including research&design brief, ideation, concept creation(2D&3D), idea selection&refinement, 3D CAD surface modeling, prototyping, production, and monitoring.
• Involved in a variety of concept development projects. During that time, our team has won over thirty international design awards.

Apsis, Ankara Turkey Ostim Technocity Sarp Group Ankara Turkey Ostim Technocity Freelance Industrial Designer, 2010 -2011

Apsis is an electronic appliances company marketing in Europe and the Middle East. Sarp Group is an innovative product development company funded by the Turkish ministry.
• Develop Apsis Brand Identity by working directly with the CEO of Apsis.
• Concept development and prototyping products, (Xtrace has made to production)
• Develop contemporary packaging and graphics solutions by product-service categorization. (still in production)
• Propose new industry service and household consumer product strategies. • Formulate design concepts and be responsible for manufacturing products including GPS and navigation products in China.

B-Plas (Ford), Bursa Turkey Production Internship, 2010

B-Plas is one of the leading car and household plastic component manufacturers in Europe including Fiat, Ford, Honda, etc.
• Working on manufacturing processes and have involved in a variety of design engineering projects.
• CAD /CAM modeling and CNC tooling experience.


2020 IF Design Award – Motorola APX Next IF Design Award – Motorola APX Next RSM
RED DOT – Motorola APX Next • 2019 IF Design Award – Motorola TLK100 IF Design Award – LEXL11
RED DOT – Motorola TLK100 GoodDesign Award – Motorola TLK100 • 2017 IF Design Award – Motorola LEX M20
RED DOT – Motorola LEX M20
2013 Honda Intelligent Transportation Systems Sponsored Project 1st Prize
Royal Technologies Comfort Sponsored Project 2nd Prize
2012-2013 Turkish Family and Social Policies Ministry Project Funding (Cyclops Project)
2012 Central Anatolian Exporters Union – Design Competition Home Furniture 1st Prize
2011-2012 Designnobis Team
A’ Design Idea Design, Golden Award,
A’ Design Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware, Silver Award,
GreenDot Product and Concept Category, Honorable Mention,
International Design Awards (IDA), Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation, Honorable Mention,


•Charger system,base and cell holder (Utility)
Patent date Issued Feb 7, 2019 Patent issuer and numberus 20190044353
•Method to Determine Search Area for a Person of Interest Based Upon Past Route Information from Searches (Utility)
•Patent date Issued Jan 31, 2019 Patent issuer and numberus 20190033081
Device and Method for Locking in Button Context Based on a Source Contact of an Electronic Communication (Utility)
Patent date Issued Jan 19, 2019 Patent issuer and numberus 20190230208
•System and Method for Content Presentation Selection (Utility)
Patent date Issued Dec 28, 2017 Patent issuer and numberus 20180181562
•Force scalable stationary interface control (Utility)
Patent date Issued Aug 26, 2016 Patent issuer and numberus 20180059850
•Displaying messages using body-worn electronic display devices (Utility)
Patent date Issued May 5, 2016 Patent issuer and numberus 9971560
•User interface for a touchscreen of a portable communication device (Utility)
Patent date Issued Apr 27, 2016 Patent issuer and numberus 9910515
•Holster with Attachment Interface
Patent issuer and numberus 23756-US-PRI
•Communication Device
Patent issuer and numberus 2974402
•Carry Case for Portable Communication Devices
Patent issuer and numberus 23292-US-DES
•Battery Design
Patent issuer and numberus T22957
•Speaker Grill for a Communication Device
Patent issuer and numberus 22854-EM-DES
•Mobile Communication Device
Patent issuer and numberus 20393-EM-DES05
•Handheld Communication Device
Patent issuer and numberus AT21662-US-DES