APX NEXT Two-Way Smart Radio

ROLES and ACTIVITIES: End to End Design Lead
ID/Experience Lead for device and accessories

Customer research, MRD, Architecture studies, Concept development, HF ergonomics studies, sketches, renders, 3D development, Storyboards, Marketing & sales team materials and training, and onsite beta sessions with customers

Co-work with Mechanical Architecture Engineers from the early definition of the product based on customer need, up to the final design. (total of 5 patents including accessories)
The project was executed in collaboration with PdM teams in Chicago and Florida

The APX NEXT won IF, Reddot, IDEA Bronze, Good Design Australia design awards

Fastcompany named APX NEXTâ„¢ mission-critical two-way radio one of the 10 most important product innovations of 2019 …


APX NEXT Smart Radio