A Honda sponsored project in which we explored the next-generation automobile experience and the impact of the Intelligent Transportation Systems. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are the use of information and communication technology, including sensors, in transportation infrastructure and vehicles, to improve transportation with goals such as safety and efficiency.

In the research part of the project. 5 main categories such as Safety, Operation, Connection, Entertainment, and Navigation. After deep research on these topics, for creating market opportunities, we targetted specifically elderly people because of its potential to understand and generate their needs.

Phase 1: Discovery: Understanding the ‘space’ and the users
Phase 2: Ideation: Generating ideas and scenarios
Phase 3: Validation: Testing scenarios as proof-of-concepts

Health issues and difficulties leaving comfort zones can limit elderly people’s freedom and independence

Description of Design Solution
Designing a guidance system for the elderly that preserves freedom and independence.
A system that learns the elderly driver’s habits and monitors their wellbeing anticipating when assistance is needed.

Intıuto has two main functions:
Health check-up
Comfort zone

Each of them has 3 different stages that can guide the vehicle to understand driver status.

According to insights from interviews simple and intuitive interface is a key point for elderly people to increase their comfort level.

Overall, Intiuto is an intelligent driving system that takes information from the physical environment, satellite, and driver status then informs other people such as relatives, doctors.