The LEX L11 is a combination of traditional push-to-talk button communication and a generously dimensioned touchscreen, which can run via app and multimedia functions. In order to make use of the available radio frequency system, it can be linked to another radio device. In an undercover operation, it can also control a covert radio. The functions make an operation for the user from the public security sector as easy and effective as possible, for example by large and intuitively controllable buttons.


Concept development, sketches, renders, 2D drawing
Co-work with Mechanical Architecture Engineers from the early definition of the product, up to the final design. I led the industrial design development and managed remote design resources in Israel.
The project was executed in collaboration with remote Engineering and PdM teams in Chicago and Florida

The LEX L11 won 2019 RedDot and IF design awards

LEXL11 LTE Device